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We believe everyone is welcome to come to the table and have fun worshipping Jesus.
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About Our Church

Get ready for a blast! We’re not just a church; we’re a lively crew of believers pumped up about loving God and spreading that love to everyone. Dive into the fun on Sunday mornings where things are super chill, the tunes are contemporary, and our pastor brings the vibes both in person and online. It’s not just a service; it’s a party, and guess what? Everyone’s invited!

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Men’s Bible Study
Women’s Bible Study
Son Rise Coaching and Counseling

A Place That You Can Belong

Picture this: a table isn’t just a piece of furniture; it’s like the ultimate symbol of family vibes, community hangs, and even a spot where you might cross paths with friends, rivals, or even foes. God’s giving The Table at Highland Park the ultimate VIP invitation – swing those doors wide open, and let everyone stroll into His house. No judgments, no questions asked. Just soak in that unconditional love, grace, and mercy, just like we got from the superstar himself, Jesus Christ! Get ready for the biggest, most welcoming table ever. It’s all about that divine open-door policy!

Impacting Our Community

We are swinging the doors wide open in our community, because at God’s table, it’s the ultimate party where everyone’s invited! Whether you’re feeling broken, a bit lost, going through tough times, or just looking for a good time, you’ve got a spot. Believers, non-believers, couples, families, singles, young, old, every culture, and every generation – yep, you’re in!

The Table at Highland Park is setting the stage for God’s Kingdom to rock this earth. How? By taking a page from Jesus’ book and spreading love, grace, mercy, time, and energy like confetti. We’re here for everyone trying to find their way in the dark – because who said a mission can’t be a blast? Let’s light up this world together!

Our Mission

The Table at Highland Park is on a thrilling mission – we’re paving the way for God’s Kingdom right here on earth! Taking a cue from Jesus, we’re all about dishing out some serious unconditional love, grace, mercy, and pouring our time and energy into anyone searching for a beacon of light in the midst of this crazy world. It’s not just a mission; it’s a wild adventure of spreading love and light!

You’re Family Here

At The Table, our love knows no bounds! Whether you’re riding solo, coupled up, a family squad, or rocking the kid vibes, you’re all part of the fun. Even though we’re small and just getting started, we’re all about embracing the awesome energy of having everyone in on the laughter and good times. Come join the joyous party – there’s always room for more smiles at The Table!

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